Why is it so important for you to understand mental illness? Because till now, you have despised anyone who suffers from mental illness. The society has made you think that anyone who visits a psychologist/psychiatrist/psychotherapist, must be mad.

You have said that people fake mental illness, that they are not depressed, it’s all dramatics. That they are lazy and don’t want to do anything, so they make these things up. Are you absolutely certain that someone would fake being depressed? But you wouldn’t know, because sadness and depression are the same to you. You think having a bad day is being depressed.

Depression isn’t having a bad day. It is a lifelong struggle to fake a smile even when they are not okay. It is the fight with that inner monster that makes them feel ugly, sad, hopeless, lonely, indifferent, moody, distressed, and then makes them feel guilty for feeling the way they do.

“You are not good enough.” “You will never be okay.” “Life is not worth it.” “Give it up, they would never understand you.” Panic attacks.

Let me tell you, in the world of mental illness, panic attacks are the worst thing imaginable. You wouldn’t know if you haven’t gone through it. It makes you feel like you are dying, that someone is choking you to death and you cannot stop them. No one can help you. And no one can “fake” panic attacks.

I started this cause because after a more than a decade of trying to make people understand me, grasp the intensity of my disease, losing friends along the way, listening to loved ones calling my illness a pretention, I have had enough. And I thought I was the only one. I am not. I am not alone in this.

Even though we have different mental illnesses, sadly, one thing remains the same- how society looks at us. How differently we are examined. You don’t want to understand us, or our very real illnesses. Diseases that have taken more lives than cancer.

We maybe exhausted after struggling for so long, but we are not giving up. Society’s perception of mental illness must be changed, before another fighter gives up.

We may not be the most social creatures but we see everything, hear more than you do, think more than you can. And we fight like hell.

I can gladly say that the people out there who are battling mental illness silently, they are the true heroes. Vigilantes you sneer at.

“Change your heart, look around you. Change your heart, it will astound you.”
Don’t judge us, you are the new generation of advocates, understand us. Don’t pretend ignorance, you know better.

Don’t make us feel like we have to hide anymore, because we won’t hide anymore.