Mental illness can not only kick you down, they can sometimes make you rock solid superheroes. What are superheroes made of?

For example, Peter Parker was just a nerdy teenager, before he lost Uncle Ben to an unfortunate event where he held himself responsible. He drowned in guilt, he suffered from PTSD, but he put it all to good use when he became a vigilante.

Who can forget Bruce Wayne’s story? And Frank Castle, Bruce Banner, Matt Murdock, Wade Wilson, Logan, Goku, Dr. Manhattan, Tony Stark, Rorschach, all the names I can recall right now.

Clark Kent lost his planet and never really found his place in our world, so maybe Zack Snyder’s portrayal of him is not so inaccurate after all.

Now, the point to this post, let’s come to that. I was just curious, are we all with mental illnesses, battling every day with our brains, are we not secretly strong vigilantes?

Not just superheroes. If you think about Woody Allen, Isaac Asimov, Christian Bale, William Blake, Truman Capote, Jim Carrey, Kurt Cobain, Bryan Cranston, Emily Dickinson, Heath Ledger, Robin Williams and everyone else who are fighting, everyone who lost their lives to this disease. I know, I’m not that great in differentiating the actors, poets, authors. But they had one common factor- different forms of depression.

People who end their lives were not selfish, they were tired, exhausted. They wanted the pain to stop. Every patient wishes for peace, this is no different from physical pain.

So, stop judging, respect their decisions. And respect us vigilantes who fight everyday, only so we can make you happy with our attitude.