About Tannika Majumdar Batra

Tannika is 32 years old and a freelance interior designer living in Kolkata, India, with her husband and brother as her support system. Fighting bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and PTSD since her mother died when she was 20, she now shares her story and her experiences with mental illness in hopes of reaching out to others and helping them share their stories on her website www.hopeisgood.in, spreading mental health awareness. She hopes her experiences with bipolar disorder will help others cope with their illness. You can usually find her in her superhero t-shirts, binge watching favourite shows, and Instagramming.

Isolation of PTSD

I’m a girl, trapped in a nightmare for the last twelve years. I have bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety, and post

The Toll Medications For My Mind Takes On My Body

At present, the thing that makes me most uncomfortable is the way my body has changed due to my medications. I’m sure

What Happens When My Medications Actually Started Working

What happens when your medications actually start working? I have been asking myself this for sometime now. That because my medications are

To My Husband, Who Lives With My Mental Illnesses

Dear Husband, I know what you go through. I know how you must feel. Even though I’m not in your shoes, I

You Matter. Your Life Matters. | World Suicide Prevention Week 2016

It’s World Suicide Prevention Week 2016, so this is a video blog I made to help more people understand and recognize the

Be Your Own Person – VLOG

“There’s a possibility you will leave at the first sight of the illness.”

Have you ever felt the pressure to look and act ‘happy’ ? If you are suffering from any mental illness especially depression

First Video Blog On Dealing With My Mental Illness

  Hello, This is my first attempt at a video blog on dealing with my bipolar disorder, and the reason I started

To Feel or Not to Feel

It is quite strange how my emotions sometimes take a step back and the stage is left to the whims of exhaustion.

It Is Difficult To Take A Stand For This Invisible Illness, But It Isn’t Impossible.

If someone says they are thinking of suicide, you need to listen. You may think it is a cry for attention, you