About Tannika Majumdar Batra

Tannika is 32 years old and a freelance interior designer living in Kolkata, India, with her husband and brother as her support system. Fighting bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and PTSD since her mother died when she was 20, she now shares her story and her experiences with mental illness in hopes of reaching out to others and helping them share their stories on her website www.hopeisgood.in, spreading mental health awareness. She hopes her experiences with bipolar disorder will help others cope with their illness. You can usually find her in her superhero t-shirts, binge watching favourite shows, and Instagramming.

“Why didn’t I hide myself..why was I brave enough to step out today in broad daylight”

Some of us struggle to exist. That constant battle we wage with ourselves everyday inside our minds. Sometimes we sleep it off..either

Solitary Musings

All my life, I was taught to toe the line, to be a passive observer, without ever considering anything that appeared risky.

Coming Clean

When I wrote about my bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD, I thought it was the hardest thing I did. But now I realise

Battling Mental Illness – Through the Unconditional Love

Having confronted my fear, the next step was to confront my Mental illness. And it then that I am came across two words

Of Invisible Disabilities and Healing Houses

So far as memory serves, my first insight into the world of mental illness was through art. It was many years ago

Playlist for Hard Days

Some of us, battling mental illness, spend days counting the number of antidepressants they have to take. Some of us go through the

Dealing With The Loneliness Of Mental Illness In India

There’s a reason many of us have trouble sharing our personal battles with mental illness. The reason is the label our society

Be your own person.

I will start with the stock phrase- you’re born alone, you die alone. But when I think about it, more and more,

Things that remain, Part 01

Is there a start to it? Is there any definitive moment, which I can put my finger on, that could be called

Mental Health and Society

When it comes to mental illness, our Indian society likes to keep their eyes shut tight. And even if they finally have